Driveways in Sussex
from Horsham’s Trusted Paving Contractors

R.J. Skinner specialises in driveways and choosing us for an installation could turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever make. When you choose our Horsham-based company for surfacing work in the Sussex areas we cover, you deal with a family-owned business that has five decades of trade and industry experience. We operate as combined paving contractors and tarmac contractors. This means you can opt for installations in block paving, tarmacadam or tar-and-chip. Our hardworking team also uses gravel, if preferred.

Our surfaces do much more than simply improve the kerb appeal of Sussex properties. The professionalism of our company, and the high-quality workmanship of our contractors, also increase the value of your home should you ever choose to sell it.

Examples of our previous projects are available on our website, and we encourage potential clients to contact us for more information about our range of services.

Exceptional Workmanship Guaranteed

Our installations last for many years and preparation is the key to a successful project. We excavate the working area to recommended depths, fill the gaps and compact the land before adding a high grade of aggregate. Our paving contractors further compact the aggregate to ensure your chosen surface material beds properly and won’t shift under the weight of vehicles or foot traffic. We adhere to these standards on all driveways, including:

  • Block Paving

  • Tarmacadam

  • Tar-and-Chip

We are one of very few companies in Horsham and the surrounding areas to work with approval from Marshalls, an industry-leading supplier of block paving – which we lay in multiple permutations to create unique designs.

The team at R.J. Skinner works conscientiously and tidily at all times. We leave properties in an acceptable condition at the end of each working day. At the end of a project, we remove waste and unused materials from site, and dispose of them responsibly. We believe there is no other company to beat us for standards of workmanship.

Block Paving

This is a decorative type of brick, usually made from concrete or clay, which we use to lay premium-standard driveways. Concrete is popular because it is more porous than clay and most manufacturers make these bricks from recycled materials. The style we most often use is a herringbone pattern because the structure bonds well and makes best use of the interlocking design for a more stable surface finish.

Another major benefit to here is the fact each brick lifts individually so, to repair a damaged surface or to perform underground utility works, the remaining surfaces stays mainly intact. Our paving contractors work from multiple packs to ensure an even spread of colour and shade.


Homeowners sometimes opt for tarmac as it’s a low-cost alternative to block paving and delivers a durable, low-maintenance surface that last for 15 years and upwards. The installation of a tarmac surface is straightforward and, although it does require specialist equipment, work on most driveways of a standard size takes little more than a couple of days to complete.

Uplifting tarmacadam surfaces usually requires more in terms of repair work but, even then, our tarmac contractors can usually patch repair the product instead of replacing it.


Because we combine the services of paving contractors and tarmac contractors, we also lay driveways in the Horsham and Sussex areas using tar-and-chip surface dressing practices. This is also a low-cost installation choice and one that offers a more solid surface than gravel. We use liquid asphalt and stone to create tar-and-chip. Tarmac lasts for longer but installations of this kind perform well for 10 years with little maintenance.

Because stones come in a range of different colours, property owners still have a certain depth of choice with the final design. R.J. Skinner also uses gravel for customers who prefer this option.

Call 01403 710362 or 07776 306020 to discuss driveways with our paving contractors. We cover Horsham and the surrounding Sussex region.

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