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Would you really pass the responsibility of new driveways and patios to unapproved paving contractors or tarmac contractors without checking their credentials first? At R.J. Skinner, we’re homeowners too and we’d never leave our properties in the hands of a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. We’ve seen first-hand how shoddy block paving and tarmac installations in the Horsham area compromise kerb appeal and property resale values.


Even small jobs require a professional approach but on larger projects, you’ll definitely need a team of paving contractors with experience, specialist tools and heavy-duty equipment. Experience, in particular, helps paving and tarmac contractors to see potential flaws in the design of driveways, patios and private roads – especially when regulations come into play.


Companies in Horsham that work with block paving have to be even more impressive when it comes to credentials. This is never a problem when you come to R.J. Skinner for a survey and consultation. We work with approval from Marshalls, the UK’s premier supplier of block paving. Very few paving contractors in the area have this approval so, whether you need us for driveways, pathways, car parks or roads, we guarantee materials and our workmanship.


Reasons for Choosing Approved Contractors


Some homeowners in Horsham choose paving contractors or tarmac contactors on a basis of price and we see this as a fundamental mistake. The cheapest quotations usually come from the least-experienced companies and there’s always a good reason why prices are so low. These service providers usually learn their trade “on the fly” and rarely have the same levels of trade and industry training as the time-served personnel working for R.J. Skinner.


We’ve been in business since 1970 so there’s very little we haven’t seen or experienced. Our company was one of the first in the Horsham area to work with block paving but still utilises traditional materials, such as tarmacadam and gravel, for driveways and surfaces where the customer only has a modest budget to work with but still requires a professional service.


Lesser paving contractors and tarmac contractors simply can’t do this.


Worse still, they could present a danger at your Horsham home. An unqualified contractor could expose electrical cables during the groundwork phase of an installation project and not know what do next. Our paving contractors keep workspaces safe and, if they do come across electrical cables or utility pipework, they keep you and your family safe too.


We never proceed with the installation of driveways and patios – block paving or tarmac – if our work uncovers a hazard. Instead, we liaise effectively with the correct utility supplier to isolate the workspace and eliminate the hazard. Paving and tarmac contractors without our experience rarely do the same and continue working. This puts you, your family and your Horsham property at risk – something R.J. Skinner would never, ever consider doing.


Questions for Paving Contractors


The best way to check the credentials of paving contractors is to ask relevant questions and, wherever possible, to request evidence in support of their answers. Paving and tarmac contractors with nothing to hide won’t mind going that little bit further if it secures your custom. Those who do will either walk away or you can, at the very least, make your own decision based on how much information they are happy to provide to you.


  • How long has the company been in business, and does it have clients in the Horsham area who might be willing to provide a reference?
  • Does the company operate as approved paving contractors or tarmac contractors and, if so, who endorses their services and supplies their materials?
  • Will the company take you to see driveways, patios and other surfaces laid for its previous customers so you can see their workmanship personally?
  • Can the company work with different materials, such as block paving and gravel, and can it prepare a sub-base without using another contractor?
  • Does the company invest into its own equipment to excavate, prepare and compact a prepared surface or does it hire in equipment as needed?
  • Will a representative from the company travel to your Horsham home to provide an initial survey and quotation on an obligation-free basis?
  • Can the company offer guarantees on labour and materials, and provide a supplier-backed warranty on driveways and patios built with block paving?
  • Will the company send out its paving contractors or tarmac contractor to rectify snags quickly and can they prove they are responsive to your needs?

Call 01403 710362 or 07776 306020 to discuss driveways and patios with our paving and tarmac contractors. We cover Horsham and the surrounding Sussex area.

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