Block Paving in Horsham
and the Surrounding Sussex Area

R.J. Skinner is proud to trade as an approved contractor for the Marshalls range of products. Marshalls is a leading UK supplier of concrete and natural stone surfaces and a major name in the hard landscaping sector since 1890. Together, we have 180 years of industry experience and the best possible understanding of what our customers and clients expect from an installation. We are genuine local specialists for Marshall's block paving.

Based in Horsham, our paving contractors perform installations in all locations in the surrounding Sussex area to construct driveways, garden patios, pathways and similar ground surfaces.

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What is Block Paving?

Block paving is a hardwearing surface known for its aesthetics, ability to withstand foot and vehicle traffic, exceptional durability, and an ease of maintenance rarely found in most alternative products. Engineered and manufactured in factory conditions by Marshalls, it’s a consistent and accurate product especially suitable for driveways.

Our paving contractors lay individual blocks over a granular sub-base with edge restraints to deliver a composite surface for Sussex homes that distributes weight loads evenly.

These clay pavers work exceptionally well in pedestrianised and high-traffic areas. It requires very little maintenance and accommodates proprietary drainage channels. Slight colour changes require us to work from several open packs to achieve a more consistent pattern and a finished surface that Sussex homeowners can use immediately.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Performance Benefits

  • Applications

  • Rework and Repair

  • Aesthetics

Performance Benefits

Block paving offers more strength and durability than gravel surfaces and resists most chemicals. Manufacturers test individual blocks at source to check their resistance to splitting, weathering, abrasion and slipping. Marshalls conform to all standards set in BS EN 1338:2003, the current industry legislation for testing concrete and natural stone blocks.

We have complete confidence in products from Marshalls and use them to create driveways, patios and pathways designed for futureproof performance.


The team at R.J. Skinner uses block paving for domestic installations in Horsham and the surrounding Sussex area. This premium material, however, has a range of applications across a wide variety of sectors. Some pedestrianised areas already use it, the product has widespread commercial applications, and even Gatwick Airport pavements are constructed from these pavers.

Driveways and patios are our bread and butter, but the industry as a whole, domestic and commercial, has multiple uses for each installation's consistent characteristics.

Rework and Repair

Unlike continuous surfaces such as concrete, which requires major uplifting in the event of damage or the need for underground utility works, each paver lifts individually for simple replacement or reinstatement. This makes repair work extremely low in cost and enhances the impressive environmental credentials of this sustainable and easy-to-use product. In effect, the only major cost of most future works is the labour of the paving contractors.

Compare this to concrete, which requires complete replacement, or tarmac, and which usually leaves visible signs of a repair, and it’s easy to see why so many homeowners in Horsham and Sussex make it their preferred installation choice.


The pavers come in various colours, shades, textures, sizes and shapes to give you an almost limitless number of design options. The herringbone pattern is a popular choice for driveways because it spreads weight load through the innovative interlocking of individual units. R.J Skinner understands that you may have your own design aspirations and always works with your ideas to achieve a creative and stylish finished surface.

A block paving installation enhances the kerb appeal of properties in Horsham and Sussex and adds value to them in the form of perfectly-crafted driveways and patios.

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