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At R.J. Skinner, we regularly receive questions from prospective customers in the Burgess Hill area concerning the installation of driveways, patios and private roads. Our company also fields queries about materials, particularly on the block paving we use from Marshalls; a market-leading company with 130 years of experience in supplying to the hard landscaping sector. Based in Horsham, we’re well-placed to cover all locations in the Sussex area.


On this page, we answer the most frequently-asked questions received about our services and we hope they are of use to you. If you would like to know more about our work in the Burgess Hill area, please contact our paving contractors and tarmac contractors today.


Can you turn front gardens into driveways?


Yes. We have plenty of options available. We are friendly, personable tarmac contactors and we produce driveways using tar-and-chip systems at prices which compare well against those charged by competitors. For tarmac driveways, we excavate the workspace and lay a gravel sub-base before pouring liquid asphalt and adding chips to create the final surface.


For block paving installations in the Burgess Hill area, we use premium quality MOT type 1 aggregates for the sub-base, edge restraints to contain our work and the finest bricks from Marshalls. Our paving contractors excavate and prepare sub-bases in-house so you never need to hire in another company to do this work at additional expense to the project.


Do driveways and patios add value to a home?


Yes. Driveways and patios boost kerb appeal and they make a significant difference to how others view a front or back garden. First impressions are crucial in attracting attention to your Burgess Hill home, especially if you want to put the property on the market at some point in the future. Driveways, in particular, are one of the first things potential buyers see.


Block paving has a bigger impact on kerb appeal than any other material but tar-and-chip installations, and those constructed from gravel, also make a marked difference. Our paving contractors and tarmac contractors produce practical surfaces that always catch the eye.


What are your business credentials?


We’ve been in business since 1970 so it safe to say we have more experience than most of our competitors. Our company adapts well to changes in the industry and we’ve seen plenty of shifts in preference over the past five decades – especially since the introduction of block paving. Driveways and patios today look very different to those we built in the early 1970s.


Yet despite these changes, our objectives today remain the same; to provide customers in Horsham and Burgess Hill with a professional service that meets with their full satisfaction. We’re a family-run company of paving contractors and tarmac contractors, and we value the importance of first-class workmanship – delivered with a smile – at exactly the right price.


Are your driveways strong enough to accommodate more than one car?


Yes. Tarmac is a more traditional surface option widely used on public highways and private roads so it copes well with a high volume of traffic. Because our tarmac contractors usually opt for a tar-and-chip system, driveways of this type withstand regular use with multiple cars parked upon them – with very few maintenance needs – and without any difficulties.


Because tarmac doesn’t have the same visual appeal as block paving, we understand why some homeowners in Burgess Hill prefer the latter option. Because our paving contractors lay block paving in herringbone patterns where individual bricks interlock to create a strong composite surface, these driveways also offer enough strength to cope with several cars.


Does R.J. Skinner guarantee its workmanship?


We want customers to feel 100% happy with the standards of our driveways, patios and private roads, and with the materials we supply to them. Because we work as approved paving contractors for Marshalls, we have the full support of UK’s leading block paving supplier. And, of course, we personally guarantee the standards of our own workmanship.


R.J. Skinners guarantees installations in Burgess Hill from its tarmac contractors too so, if you need to create driveways or any other surface on a budget using tarmacadam, we still cover you with the same benefits. Use our company with confidence knowing that we deal with any snags on a responsive basis and always do whatever we can to satisfy you.

Call 01403 710362 or 07776 306020 to discuss driveways and patios with our paving and tarmac contractors. We cover Burgess Hill and the surrounding Sussex area.

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