Block Paving in Broadbridge Heath | Comparisons with Tarmac

At R.J. Skinner, we have experienced paving contractors on our team who lay block paving from Marshalls to create stylish driveways and patios. We also trade as tarmac contractors, and use traditional tarmacadam or tar-and-chip systems – not just for driveways but also for surfaces such as private roads and car parks. These are the two most popular materials with our customers in Broadbridge Heath and, indeed, the surrounding Sussex area.


Which one you choose for your own property comes down to key influences such as your budget, the level of performance you require and your personal preference. Block paving and tarmac both have unique benefits and often, the final decision on which material to use comes down to just a single factor. The paving contractors and tarmac contractors on our team work closely with customers to help them make the best choice from what’s available.


This page discusses the differences between block paving and tarmac, and highlights how each one can transform driveways, patios and private roads in Broadbridge Heath.




Tarmac is a simple, cost-effective choice for driveways built on a budget, for private roads and for car parks. Because tarmac requires less material in comparison to block paving, and because it uses a lower grade of aggregate for the sub-base, project costs tend to be much cheaper. Ease of installation means our tarmac contractors apply the surface quickly, often inside a couple of days, which subsequently produces a sizeable reduction in labour costs.


Faster turnarounds minimise disruption at your Broadbridge Heath property.


For those working with a small or intermediate-sized budget, tarmacadam, and the tar-and-chip systems we use in particular, help projects comes in at or below the estimated cost. We use chips in a range of colours so, if a traditional black isn’t to your taste, we can still offer a level of design flexibility that comes relatively close to that provided by block paving.


Customers in Broadbridge Heath choose R.J. Skinner as their preferred tarmac contractors because we supply good quality materials and have the equipment needed to perform installations without the worry of additional hire costs. The only major downside to tarmac is that any uplifting in the future requires more in terms of patching and repair work.


Block Paving


Our paving contractors have already installed a significant number of driveways, patios and pathways in the Broadbridge Heath area using block paving from Marshalls. Even though the cost of block paving is more expensive than tarmac, the finished surface lasts longer and offers an exceptional level of durability. It also uplifts easily, in individual blocks, if you need to replace a damaged unit or call in contractors for future underground utility works.


Block paving offers a selection of colours, shades and textures so if you have a particular theme in mind, please let us know. The small design of each brick makes it easier for our paving contractors to offer you a wider range of permutations with the layout. The most popular choice is a herringbone pattern that distributes weight evenly over driveways.


The key to an installation is producing an eye-catching finish that inspires those who visit your Broadbridge Heath home. Block paving is our most popular choice for driveways but, if you entertain regularly or simply love soaking up the summer sun, our paving contractors are also here to create stunning patios using industry-leading materials from Marshalls.


Kerb appeal has a major impact on property values. Our tarmac contractors tend to produce surfaces that are either practical or designed to a budget. Block paving allows us to be more creative with driveways and patios, and the finishes we achieve have a significant effect on how others view you home – especially with those who come there looking to buy.


If you would like to discuss an installation for your property, please call us today to arrange an informal consultation, an initial site survey and a quotation. R.J. Skinner covers the local Broadbridge Heath area, and the surrounding county of Sussex, as reputable block paving and tarmac contractors who understand the importance of friendly customer service.

Call 01403 710362 or 07776 306020 to discuss block paving and tarmac surfaces with our paving contractors. We cover Broadbridge Heath and the surrounding Sussex area.

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